Guilt by association: Betraying ourselves and customer confidence

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO In any service industry, there is the temptation to embellish, a.k.a., “marketing puffery.” To some degree, I think we forgive it because it is easy for customers to recognize. When a service provider says they are “the most trusted name in the secure destruction industry,” potential clients understand what this […]

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How do I build trust?

By Ray Barry, Chief Shreducation and Member Relations Officer In the information management and destruction industries, relationships rule the sales process. You get a new client as soon as you build know, like and trust feelings with a prospect. If you lost a deal, it’s most likely because the prospect knew, liked and trusted your […]

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Vendor selection isn’t difficult but it’s critical to risk management

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Every data protection law in the world holds clients responsible for making sure their third party data processors meet regulatory requirements and security standards. This applies to clients hiring services such as records storage, data destruction, computer recycling and imaging services, among others. The regulations contain language to make sure […]

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