Top questions to ask in the decision-making process

By Ray Barry, NAID Deputy Executive Director One of the most challenging things in developing new business is identifying the stage of buying in which your prospect is and aligning that with your sales process. If you looked at the last 10 opportunities that you lost, I bet you lost them for failing to truly […]

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What data destruction firms can learn from Apple

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO Recently, I read an article about how sales is changing in many ways. I could not help but draw comparisons to NAID members who are taking the same approach with great success. In the past, businesses responded to customers’ needs or problems. The key to success was finding the pain […]

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What is your follow-up strategy?

By Ray Barry, NAID Deputy Executive Director In previous NAIDnotes posts, I have discussed how important it is to stand apart from the crowd of “shred-a-likes” in order to not blend in with your competitors. Unfortunately, an area that I see many sales professionals and owners blending in with their competition is the post-call follow […]

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