2013 board candidates represents average members

January 31, 2013

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

Yesterday, the NAID Board of Directors approved the slate of candidates competing in the upcoming general election. This election is to fill board positions that will be vacated in March. The candidates competing in the general election are listed below. I am happy to report that everyone nominated who wanted to compete appears on the approved slate.

When an organization like NAID gets to a certain size, there’s a tendency to think of it as somehow separate from the industry, like it’s an institution governed by forces not concerned with the average member. The one thing that jumps out from the list below is that it is made up of typical destruction service providers. For the most part, the list shows representatives from single market, privately owned destruction companies that face the same challenges as other members. And, you see the same thing when you look at the current or past board members.

Every decision, action or strategy made by NAID directly emanates from these volunteer leaders who have the same concerns and issues as every other member. Will everyone agree? No, and rarely do all board members completely agree on everything. That’s how it works. However, it doesn’t change the fact that NAID is run by industry professionals who are doing their best to improve the industry.

To think of NAID as something separate from the members makes no sense. It is owned and run by the members who were elected by their peers. No board member ever voted to do something that would harm the industry. Again, you might not always agree with them (and they often don’t agree with each other), but their individual decisions are based on what they feel is ultimately best.

So, congratulations to those listed below and good luck. Information on the candidates can be found in the Members’ Only section of the NAID website starting tomorrow. Next week, NAID will be posting questions on NAID’s LinkedIn group page for candidates to respond to and engage in discussions with members. Also, ballots will be distributed to eligible voters via email on March 1. This year voting will be conducted electronically.

For President-Elect

Chris Isabell, i-Secure

Ken Williams, The Shred Authority

Lloyd Williams, Shredall Ltd.


For Treasurer

R. Stephen Richards, CSDS; Richards & Richards


For Director

Dag Adamson, Lifespan Technology Recycling

John Anderson, Shred 360

Patrick DeVries, DeVries Information Management

Jeffrey Green, AccuShred, LLC

Eric Haas, A.R.M.S., Inc.

Scot McFarland, CSDS; Ray’s Trash Service, Inc.

Chris O’Handley, MS, PHR; Eggleston Document Shredding (EDS)