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When you make the investment to become an i-SIGMA™ Member of either the NAID or PRISM International division, you gain access to resources and tools, which assist your business within the information management governance industry.
As a member, you’re also supporting the success of our industry as a whole, as i-SIGMA™ advocates for better business practices and legal parameters.

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Here are some of the many advantages i-SIGMA™ members receive:



All i-SIGMA™ Members

All i-SIGMA Members

IG Journal
The quarterly industry and member journal

Buyer’s Guide
A handy directory of industry product and service suppliers

NAID Members

NAID Members

The twice monthly e-newsletter to keep members up-to-date

Industry blog and your resource for articles and thought-leadership between journal editions

PRISM International Members

PRISM International Members

info Monthly Updates
The monthly e-newsletter to keep members up-to-date

• Industry blog and your resource for articles and thought-leadership between journal editions


i-SIGMA™ members receive a substantial discount on attendance to all events.

Annual Conference & Expo

The annual conference and expo attracts the largest concentration of secure data destruction professionals worldwide and is one of the largest secure information management shows as well. It has proven to be an invaluable networking and educational opportunity for professionals who want to learn from experts, exchange ideas, and see new products and the latest industry technology.

Regional Events Throughout the World

i-SIGMA™ hosts events throughout the world on any given year, often with content focused for one division or the other. The content for each regional event is specific to those who would attend, be that in Europe, Australasia, or elsewhere, sharing applicable best practices for their specific industry segment, target audience, and applicable changing laws.


When a new program is launched or legislation is amended, each division provides webinars to keep members informed. Some are also housed in the Members Only portal for future reference.

NAID Shred School

Those new and old to the secure data destruction industry find this two-day workshop, covering industry information, data protection legislation, and sales and marketing tips, invaluable for growing their business.


Professional Community

Ask the Professionals

Ask the Professionals

As a member benefit, i-SIGMA™ reaches out to legal, accounting, and other consulting resources to resolve i-SIGMA™ Member questions and concerns about industry services. i-SIGMA™ provides this service at no cost to members.



i-SIGMA™ brings industry professionals together via face-to-face events, like the annual conference which hosts approximately a thousand attendees, and online through industry related discussions on our LinkedIn Group and in our members-only Facebook group, where individuals can get to know the lighter side of their colleagues.

Industry Resources |

The divisional websites are chalked full of helpful information, especially in the newsroom, which is regularly updated, and the i-SIGMA™ Market, which lists industry product and service suppliers at your fingertips.

World-Class Sample Agreements

i-SIGMA™ seeks out the best qualified legal authorities to create sample contracts and agreements aligned with current data protection regulations. These vary by division and are provided to eligible members at no cost. Examples include:

  • Standardized Industry Contract Language and Liability Limitations
  • GDPR Compliant Industry Contract Language
  • An updated HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement
  • Red Flags Rule language for Internal Policies and Contracts
  • Regulatory Compliant Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Regulatory Compliant Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Employee and Client Confidentiality Agreements
  • Data Breach Notification Agreements
  • Customer Information Destruction Policy and Form Templates
  • Commercial Records Center Self Evaluation Checklist

Customer Compliance Tools

NAID members have access to value-added tools and training that are regulatory requirements for their customers, making them an integral partner in their clients’ overall compliance strategy.

Information Destruction Compliance Toolkit

Customer Employee Training Program

Doctors’ Office Marketing Program



NAID AAA Certification

NAID Members have access to the most prominent, industry recognized third party security certification. NAID Certification is now required by thousands of organizations around the world, including government agencies and health care and financial companies, and its security components are selling points to win new business.


NAID CSDS® Professional Accreditation

NAID has produced the only professional accreditation for individuals in the secure destruction industry in the world. By earning the Certified Secure Destruction Specialist® (CSDS) accreditation, industry professionals not only gain critical knowledge, they also improve sales and earn the respect of customers.

PRISM Privacy

PRISM Privacy+® Certification

PRISM International Members have access to Privacy+, the prestigious international certification program that allows records and information management companies to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the privacy of information.

Professional Liability Insurance

Downstream Data® Coverage
NAID and PRISM International Certified Members have access to Downstream Data Coverage (, the only i-SIGMA™- endorsed professional liability insurance product that provides complete and meaningful coverage to cover all risks and liabilities in the secure destruction industry.

Employee Operational Training & Validation

Training programs have been designed for NAID and PRISM International members and their employees to promote best practices and protect customers. Educate your team on data protection responsibilities and acceptable operational security practices.

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Marketing Support

Get Found

Service Provider Locator

All Active/Company Members are listed in the i-SIGMA™ Services Locator. The site sees thousands of web visitors monthly, many of whom are seeking a local service provider for their RIM and secure destruction needs and finds one there.

Industry Suppliers Market

All Associate/Corporate Partner Members supplying products and services to active members within the industry are listed in the i-SIGMA™ market by category and region. This is a great resource for Active members to find business solutions at their fingertips.

Make an Impression

Certification Validator

NAID AAA Certified Members may leverage code to display their credentials on their site so that visitors are always up-to-date on their certification status. This will be offered to Privacy+ Certified Members in the near future.

Use of Member Logo

Active/Company Members of each division can proudly display the appropriate membership logo(s) and Associate/Corporate Partner Members, as a member of both divisions, may display both. Certified members may boast their certificate credentials.

Marketing Materials

Both NAID and PRISM International have made it easy for members to reach their customers, by creating informational and sales tools to leverage, including content that can be reused, brochures and flyers available for download, and videos that can be shared. These sales tools educate customers, increase business, and enhance the professional image of member companies.

Laying Groundwork

Educating Customers

The i-SIGMA™ divisions have active relationships with buying group associations (i.e. our members’ customers) and do public relations to keep prospective clients and the public educated on the need for secure RIM and data destruction as well as informed on the latest in news and regulations.

Industry Support and Advocacy

Involvement to Shape the Industry

i-SIGMA™ provides members with the opportunity to serve on committees, task forces, and the Board of Directors, which helps to shape the direction of the association as well as the secure information governance industry.

Code of Ethics & Complaint Resolution Council

The i-SIGMA™ Code of Ethics & Complaint Resolution Council establishes a system for members to hold each other accountable. i-SIGMA™ will take action against any industry company engaging in harmful activities or producing materials with false information.

Government Relations

i-SIGMA™ forges relationships with government agencies and leaders to ensure they protect the role of secure information management service providers.

Industry Advocacy

NAID and PRISM International have a successful history of working directly with the Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Financial Services Committee, Canadian House of Commons, Canadian Privacy Commissioner, and the British Standards Institution. i-SIGMA™ continues to foster these relationships.

Recent Endeavors

On behalf of its members NAID has recently responded to the FTC on the FACTA Final Disposal Rule, testified before the Canadian House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics’ PIPEDA Review hearings, directly leading to the data breach notification law implemented November 1, 2018. It also arranged with the Australian Government that now through a special endorsement NAID AAA Certified destruction services in Australia may destroy Official Government (classified) information.
On behalf of its members PRISM International recently…

Industry Research

i-SIGMA™ routinely conducts research to advance the interests of the industry and raise awareness among consumers and policymakers.

Recent Projects

NAID has recently conducted the largest second-hand device electronic data research project in the world to date. Results from such studies have earned NAID increased attention and credibility and serves to enhance awareness.