iG Impact Awards

In its inaugural year, the iG Impact Awards is an annual awards initiative available for all conference exhibitors. Any 2023 conference exhibitor wishing to submit their product or service for this award, may do so now, as applications are now open through 28 February 2023.


All entries will receive the following:

  1. Pre-Event recognition via i-SIGMA emails
  2. Inclusion in iG Journal and Conference Program
  3. Recognition indicator at their Expo booth

Winning entries will receive excellent publicity, including:

  1. Physical award suitable for display
  2. Use of the 2023 iG Impact Award logo on all promotional materials related to winning product/service
  3. Recognition at the i-SIGMA Conference Press Ceremony and i-SIGMA Annual Conference
  4. Recognition in i-SIGMA newsroom press release
  5. Recognition in iG Journal and i-SIGMA social media
  6. Inclusion in special winners’ section on i-SIGMA Annual Conference website
  7. 10% discounted rates on new Q3 digital advertising placements

Criteria for Submissions

  1. An eligible product or service submission must pertain to the iG industry for Corporate Partners and fit the category to which it was submitted.
  2. All eligible submissions must be new solutions to the market and have already been launched to the market within the past year. NOTE: For the 2023 inagural year, the deployment timeframe has been widened to May 2019 – January 2023.

Entry Categories

  • 2023 i-SIGMA RIM Impact Award
  • 2023 i-SIGMA Data Destruction Impact Award
  • 2023 i-SIGMA ITAD Impact Award
  • 2023 i-SIGMA Operations Impact Award
  • 2023 i-SIGMA Security Impact Award
  • 2023 i-SIGMA Information Governance Impact Award

With each submission, applicants will demonstrate how their product or service actionably impacted the appropriate vertical within the information governance industry over the past year.

2023 Timeline

  1. Submissions Due: 28 February
  2. Awards Press Ceremony: Morning of 29 March
  3. Award Showcase Table Set in the Entrance of the Exhibit Hall & Exhibit Hall Recognition: 29 – 31 March

Entry Fees

Corporate Partner Members:

Standard rate: $350 per submission
Introductory 2023 rate: $250 per submission


Standard rate: $450 per submission
Introductory 2023 rate: $350 per submission

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