The iG Impact Awards are limited to Conference Exhibitors.

  • Limiting submissions to Conference Exhibitors allows the following:
    • A focus on the product/service to be showcased at the event.
    • Vendors only are eligible to submit (corporate partner members and potential members), which is in the spirit of the awards and its goals, creating healthy competition within this group and a drive toward their products and services.
    • We are intentionally eliminating Service Providers from the entry pool and any negativity with losing to a direct competitor

Goals of Initiative

Many industries offer these types of awards. i-SIGMA adding this to our annual event will:

  • Better highlight the innovations within our industry for service providers
  • Better highlight i-SIGMA Corporate Partners and increase value in exhibiting
  • Better allows i-SIGMA and the Annual Conference to be the epicenter for showcasing industry innovations than we already are
  • Creates positive competition (because the categories are not niche, it should not create animosity)
  • Creates positive press for the association and industry as a whole

Entry Categories

Categories are kept at a broader level and subject to change year over year. Initial categories were selected in keeping with the i-SIGMA mission statement and bylaws and to represent the heartbeat of the iG Impact Awards:

  • 2023 iG RIM Vertical Impact Award
  • 2023 iG Data Destruction Vertical Impact Award
  • 2023 iG ITAD Vertical Impact Award
  • 2023 iG Operations Impact Award
  • 2023 iG Security Impact Award
  • 2023 iG Information Governance Overall Impact Award

Award Operations & Management

The overall annual responsibility of the iG Impact Awards is assigned to i-SIGMA Staff with Communications and Marketing Committee oversight as well as program input from the Corporate Partner Engagement Committee and ceremony input from the Annual Conference Committee.

Criteria for Submissions

  • An eligible product or service submission must pertain to the iG industry for Service Providers and fit the category to which it was submitted.
  • All eligible submissions must be new solutions to the market and already launched to the market within the past year.
    • The deployment timeframe year to be eligible for submission would typically be February – January YOY (e.g., to be eligible for 2024 the submission would have to go to market Feb 2023 – Jan 2024).
    • For the 2023 initial year, the deployment timeframe is widened to May 2019 – January 2023.
  • New updates/enhancements to an existing product/service (including previous iG award winners) are eligible for submission so long as the focus of their submission is on how the update creates impact vs. the overall product on its own.
  • A company may enter multiple products/services into the same category and the same product/service may be entered in more than one category and win more than one category.
  • There may not be a winner in every category every year, dependent upon the quantity and quality of entries.
  • An entry fee is charged for each entry.
  • Entries must be received by the deadline for inclusion in the awards program.


  • All submissions are due by the deadline with eligibility for each category clearly outlined.
  • Each category has a number of submission questions. These may vary slightly by category and may change YOY.
  • All Submissions will be showcased ahead of and at the Conference.
  • Submit all Entries to [email protected] by 28 February 2023.


  • Judging will begin after the entry period ends. Winners will be announced the week of the i-SIGMA Conference (typically at the event).
  • A panel of volunteer judges will be pre-determined. The judging panel will include:
    • 1 i-SIGMA staff members
    • 4 Service Provider Members
  • Judges will have a rubric for grading criteria and will score each submission on a scale. Scores will be averaged to determine a winner in each category. In the event of a tie, two submissions may be awarded. The rubric will include:
    • How well does this entry explain the product/service (or update)? Scale 1-5 (25%)
    • Is the product/service innovative for its space? Scale 1-5 (25%)
    • In its specific market is the product/service impactful to serving the category vertical for which it was submitted? Scale 1-10 (50%)

Winners Announced

  • Winners will be announced during a conference pre-event
  • There would be a small Press Ceremony to announce the iG Impact Awards winners and hand out the physical awards to any winners present
  • Exhibitors with submissions as well as winners will receive a recognition indicator in the Conference Program and at their booths
  • i-SIGMA will release a press release as well as tag each winner on social media


All entries will receive the following:

  1. Pre-Event recognition via i-SIGMA emails
  2. Inclusion in iG Journal and Conference Program
  3. Recognition indicator at their Expo booth

Winning entries will receive excellent publicity, including:

  1. Physical award suitable for display
  2. Use of the 2023 iG Impact Award logo on all promotional materials related to winning product/service
  3. Recognition at the i-SIGMA Conference Press Ceremony and i-SIGMA Annual Conference
  4. Recognition in i-SIGMA newsroom press release
  5. Recognition in iG Journal and i-SIGMA social media
  6. Inclusion in special winners’ section on i-SIGMA Annual Conference website
  7. 10% discounted rates on new Q3 digital advertising placements

2023 Timeline

  • Submissions Open: Early Jan
  • Submissions Due: 28 Feb
  • Awards Press Ceremony: Morning of 29 March
  • Award Showcase Table Set in the Entrance of the Exhibit Hall & Exhibit Hall Recognition: 29 – 31 March


Each submission entry will incur a fee:

  • Corporate Partner Members:
    • Standard rate: $350 per submission
    • Introductory 2023 rate: $250 per submission
  • Non-Members:
    • Standard rate: 450 per submission
    • Introductory 2023 rate: $350 per submission