Available to i-SIGMA Member-Companies Applying for Initial Company Certification


Under the following conditions, i-SIGMA will subsidize an association member-company utilizing an approved consultant to assist them in achieving NAID AAA and/or PRISM Privacy+ Certification by applying a credit to their account.

In order for the member-company who is applying for certification to receive the credit, the following criteria must be met:

  • Certification applicant must be an for an initial certification (renewal of certifications are not eligible for the program).
  • The certification applicant must use a consultant pre-approved by i-SIGMA (refer to the i-SIGMA Corporate Partner Directory).
  • The $400 subsidy is available per member-company location, achieving certification.

Once certification is successfully achieved, $400 of the certification fee will be applied to the member-company’s account.


1. A list of eligible consultants can be found on the i-SIGMA website.
2. Submit an initial Certification Application and include the name of the consulting firm in the appropriate field.
3. Once NAID AAA or PRISM Privacy+ Certification is awarded and a Reimbursement Form has been received by the member-company, $400 of the certification fee paid will be reimbursed.