Clover Credit Card Processing

A strategic partnership with Clover from Fiserv allows you to leverage an industry-leading provider of powerful technology solutions. As a benefit to i-SIGMA members, you can use Clover for credit card processing fee reduction.

This program is offered at no-charge, as a benefit to i-SIGMA members.

Our first member to sign-up is forecasting to save $5,000 annually.

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With Clover, You Have Access To:

Competitive Pricing

Market-Leading Innovative Solutions to Protect, Improve, and Grow Your Business

Credit and Debit Merchant Card Processing

Fraud Solutions: EMV-Ready Terminals and Clover POS Systems

Streamlined Integration with Existing POS Hardware and Software

Payment Gateways TeleCheck Processing (Online, Phone, and Face-to-Face Acceptance)

Learn how processing credit cards can be cheaper, faster and increase your cash flow.

Onetime/Purge Shredding

Whether you prefer your drivers call in and process credit cards in your office or process payments onsite, we have the alternatives.

  • We will set up a shortcut on your office computers so anyone in your office can process a credit card quickly and email your customer a receipt.
  • If you supply your drivers with company i-phones or an iPad, we can put a program on each phone so they can tap the card to the phone to process the payment at the customer’s location.
  • If you don’t have company mobile phones or an iPad we can supply you with mobile processors that can process payments at your customer’s location.

Next-Day Cash In Your Account after a 7pm Settlement prior business day.

  • With most credit card processing services, you have to wait 2-3 days for the money to show up in your account. With American Express it could be 3-4 days,
  • With Clover/Fiserv, the cash will be in your account the next day. That means all the credit cards you process today will be in your account tomorrow.

Plant Based & Drop Off Shredding

  • Another way to use the loaded icon/Shortcut we install on your desktop to process credit cards when customers come to your facility.
  • If you prefer not to have everyone in your office to have access to the credit card processing portal, we can provide a credit card processing terminal for your office so all your staff has to do is swipe/Dip/Tap each customer’s card.

Scheduled/Ongoing Shredding

Would you like to get paid quickly by all of your Scheduled/Ongoing Customers?

  • Keep your customer’s credit card information on file with Glover/Fiserv’s secure information portal.
  • We will provide you with the forms so your clients can sign up for automatic payment.
  • Each time you service a scheduled customer, you will be able to process their credit card.

Large Shredding Projects

  • Do you have a large shredding project that is many thousands of dollars? $5,000, $10,000? Do you have a need for that cash now? We can have that cash in your account within 15 minutes its called Rapid Deposit.

Breakdowns/Need immediate cash flow

  • Clover Capital
  • Funding up to 90% of your monthly Volume in within 3 days
  • Payback is calculated up to 7 to 8 months
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