Margaret Meier, CSDS

UltraShred Technologies Inc.

NAID AAA Certified

Jacksonville, FL, United States

(904) 928-0200

Margaret Meier is President of UltraShred Technologies, a woman and minority-owned AAA NAID Certified Shredding Company – serving clients in FL, GA, and AL since 2000. Like many small business owners, she and her husband Walt have experienced the “wins” and “losses” the industry. She attributes her success to leveraging knowledge, tools, and resources available through I-Sigma and Masterminds groups and being open to “better ways of doing things.” Trained as an educator with a master’s degree, she is passionate about high-security, customer focus and staying ahead of the curve – continually studying, networking and searching and implementing best practices. Margaret believes strongly in caring for staff and clients alike thus building a reputation of caring. It also creates a strong team, the underpinnings of all flourishing businesses. She serves on various i-SIGMA committees including the Nominating Committee, Certification Support Committee which she Chairs, and as Director on the i-SIGMA Board for the third time.