i-SIGMA™ is managed by a team committed to its members. You can reach the staff regarding any membership or industry issue and we will work to assist you.

General Inquiries


Chief Executive Officer

Robert Johnson
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2001
Email: rjohnson@isigmaonline.org

Director of Finance

Michele Goodman
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2009
Email: mgoodman@isigmaonline.org

Accounting & Membership Project Coordinator

Jena Robinson
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2010
Email: jrobinson@isigmaonline.org

Director of Certification Operations

Katie Mahoney
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2016
Email: kmahoney@isigmaonline.org

Director of Marketing & Communications

Kelly Martinez
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2008
Email: kmartinez@isigmaonline.org

Certification Administrator

Karen Lyons
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2011
Email: klyons@isigmaonline.org

Marketing Coordinator

Maggie Geolat
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2003
Email: mgeolat@isigmaonline.org

Director of Events & Programs

Jamie Hughes
Phn: 602-788-6243 x2007
Email: jhughes@isigmaonline.org

Committee & PRISM International Membership Administrator

Sara Berntgen
Phn: 602-621-4007