Leveling Up ITAD: How to Leverage NAID AAA, e-Stewards and R2 Certifications

14 February 2023

NAID AAA has always been a strong and independent standard for Data Destruction and Data Sanitization with a focus on reliable employees with great physical security.

When e-Stewards version 4 came out a few years ago, it required that all e-Stewards certified organizations would need to be NAID AAA certified by July 1st, 2022.
This has left a bit of a gap within the market when a company that is certified to R2 is competing against a company that is e-Stewards and NAID AAA certified for potential business.
By attending this presentation, information will be provided on what those differences are, how to compete, and how to incorporate NAID AAA into an R2 Certified organization.

Presented by: Jason Teliszczak – CPP® | CSHM | LEED Green Associate | R2v3 CB Auditor | CSDS | PPR – Pickleball Coach | CPST | CLSSMBB | TRUE Advisor | CES | CSMP | CFDC I & II | CGPM | SEM | VPS | HACCP Manager | WES | CESCO | GPCP | levelTM Faculty Member | Green-Star Auditor | GCP | CPST |

Located In: Bronze 3