Exclusive Executive Leadership Luncheon: Leveraging An Advisory Board To Support Your Business Success

28 March 2022

A formal Advisory Board is like having your own specially selected team of independent experts on hand—and at a fraction of the cost of individual consultants. Unlike a Board of Directors, they have no fiduciary responsibilities. They are problem-solvers, not decision-makers. Their role is to help you succeed by bringing the benefits of their wide-ranging experience and expertise to your business.

Whether you’re starting up, scaling up or already established, one thing’s for sure – growing your business is a big priority. But imagine taking that goal one step further. Daring to dream. Finding an opportunity. Taking a risk. And striding ahead of the competition.

That’s where an Advisory Board can help. It puts an entire group of carefully chosen minds on your side. Different experts, with unique experiences, and one thing in common–each one is committed to helping your business become more successful.

In this executive-only session, Tom will outline a practical framework and proven methods to plan, implement, and then leverage the powerful benefits of a formal Advisory Board for your business. You’ll also leave with a clear list of traps to avoid and critical elements that must be in place to ensure its success.

Presented by: Executive Coach, Strategic Advisor & Thought Partner Tom Adams

Located In: Silver

This Event is part of the Sold Out Exclusive Executive Leadership Luncheon, sponsored by VRC Companies, LLC.