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This is the list of our 2022 exhibitors from our conference held earlier this year in Orlando, FL. Exhibitors for the upcoming 2023 event will be updated and displayed shortly.

The i-SIGMA Conference & Expo has always hosted many of the industry’s top providers of products and services. We are currently accepting 2023 Exhibitors. Contact Events today to learn more.

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Accent Wire Tie is the largest, most comprehensive baling wire manufacturing and distribution network in the industry providing timely delivery of products at lower transportation costs. Rigorous quality control requirements ensure our products perform under the toughest baling applications. Performance, reliability and simple to maintain translates into less downtime and reduced baling costs. That’s why the vast majority of bale tying equipment around the world is from Accent Wire Tie. This includes the Accent 470, the most innovative wire tier for double-ram balers available today. Need help? Our sales and service teams are the most experienced in the field. We are hands-on professionals, having deep experience with baling wire, bale tying, balers, and the operating facilities in which they are used.

Learn more: Contact Accent Wire Tie at

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #502.

Allegheny has come to mean superior equipment, excellent reliability, and innovative solutions for the majority of secure destruction service providers, RIM centers, and e-scrap recyclers. With over 50 years at the helm of the shredding industry, we have produced the highest-capacity equipment for secure destruction along with the know-how to ensure your success. So whether you need a powerful shredder, cross-shredding system, security grinder, hard drive/e-scrap shredder, horizontal baler, conveyors, tippers, or an auto-feed system, just call us, and ask for our free Buyer’s Guide full of practical information that can help you save literally thousands of dollars!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #501.

Since our first delivery in 2004, Alpine Shredders Limited has forever changed mobile shredding equipment. Utilizing better engineering and designed to deliver high-performance shredding capabilities with the ultimate goal of reliability, Alpine Shredders continues to manufacture the lowest cost operation equipment in the industry. Models including non-CDL, CDL and the fastest shred truck on the planet, we have an option to fit your business needs.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #117.

Recognized industry-leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial shredders for paper, hard drives, and product destruction. Provider of complete shredding systems from engineering to installation. Other industrial recycling equipment includes cart tippers, box dumpers, dust collectors, metering/feed systems, conveyors and balers. Extensive engineering and custom manufacturing capabilities available.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #414.

American Baler Company has been building cutting edge balers for 70 years. We have worked with a lot of NAID member companies over the years and we have learned how to build baler models to meet the specific needs of your industry. We know that you want dense, square bales and that baler reliability and dependable customer service support are essential for your overall success. And that’s what you’ll get when you buy an American Baler, along with the best baler warranty in the industry!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #303.

American Fiber Services (AFS) is a best-in-class marketing and purchasing service provider for the paper, pulp, and recovered materials industries. AFS buys recyclables and pulp throughout the US and Canada and sells to mill clients in North America, South America, and Asia. AFS also services material recovery facilities and other industries that generate non-paper recyclable materials. AFS operates sales offices in Marquette, MI; Atlanta, GA; Bristol, RI; Candler, NC; Iowa City, IA; Knoxville, TN; Sarasota, FL.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #606

AMS has been servicing facilities nationwide since 1978 in the archival x-ray film recycling, document destruction, hard drive and media destruction, film storage, record storage, vaulting, x-ray film digitizing and scan on demand business. Our x-ray film recycling program along with our destruction and record storage services helps keep your facility compliant with HIPAA/HITECH Act rules and regulations in addition to Red Flag rules for identity theft. Education and security are the most important attributes of AMS. All of our employees have 7-year background screenings and drug and alcohol screenings prior to employment. Our employees are trained in identity theft and HIPAA regulations yearly to stay up to date with any changes in our x-ray film recycling, document destruction, and storage industry.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #415.

How do you design software that clients love? You talk to your clients!

Client collaboration is the foundation of Andrews Software Inc.’s success. Client partnership over software provider is what helped ASI grow from a small start-up in 1984 to become one of the industry’s most successful RIM services software companies today. Leading records centers, media vaults, destruction and medical waste companies around the globe rely on ASI software to grow their businesses.

Are you ready to work in partnership with a software technology partner?

Contact us today, or visit us for a demo during the i-SIGMA Conference & Expo

Learn more! Contact us |

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #511

Babaco has been the leader in providing transportation security since 1932.  Billions of dollars of cargo have been safely transported throughout the U.S. and Canada under the protection of Babaco.  Babaco’s security features include:  patented automatic door locking systems for all types of commercial vehicles; proprietary local alarm systems; customizable process apps; digital keys; GPS tracking; digital seals; high-security padlocks; and wireless devices connecting commercial vehicles to central station monitoring.  Babaco is uniquely qualified to design and install individualized security systems to protect mobile assets.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #500.

Don’t be left with your head buried in the sand! Bins4 Shredding is launching a NEW LINE of containers and collection solutions. We provide the most comprehensive line of compliant, secure containers for your paper and e-waste collection, as well as an extensive selection of recycling solutions. Come visit us to see the most innovative containers in the document destruction industry. Our team understands what is needed today, for tomorrow’s requirements. Shredding Made Simple.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #515.

Loan or lease, new or used, shred truck or box truck, BMO Transportation Finance has options that can help your business grow. For 45+ years BMOTF has specialized in truck and trailer financing for companies of all sizes. We offer a 1 page on-line application for total lending up to $1,000,000. Contact us today to see how easy truck acquisition can be. At BMO, we speak shred.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #211.

Commodity Resource and Environmental, Inc. (CRE) is one of the largest purchasers and recyclers of scrap x-ray microfilm and graphic arts silver bearing film in the United States. CRE also offers a secure HIPAA BAA compliant system for all your x-ray film records and a certificate of destruction and insurance. Ship or deliver your scrap film to CRE for maximizing your recycling profits. CRE was the first NAID AAA certified refiner in the United States, and we are currently celebrating 42 years in business.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #308.

Cook Paper Recycling Corporation is an independent recycled material brokerage firm specializing in the continuous, efficient and dependable movement of sixty different grades of paper stock; seventeen different grades of plastic and five different types of metal throughout the United States as well as to export markets.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #402.

CSR Privacy Solutions, Inc., the data privacy authority, provisions privacy solutions for the largest number of small and medium-size business globally. CSR’s patented and award-winning solutions enable businesses to navigate the complicated world of Privacy. CSR, staffed by certified information privacy professionals, endorse Privacy as a fundamental human right. Visit our website!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #306.

DACS is a manufacturer of corrugated steel decking and accessories located in Portsmouth, Virginia, USA. Exhibited will be 2 key products used in rack systems for storage of paper boxes. Punch Deck® is a 50% open area and FM Approved rack decking – designed and tested to allow warehouse sprinkler water through to lower storage levels. FlueKeepers® are a cost-effective and easily installable storage rack accessory that help maintain required Transverse Flue Spaces.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #401.

As the leading American manufacturer of National Security Agency (NSA) evaluated products for the destruction of electronic information, Data Security, Inc. offers the widest variety of equipment options and customized solutions. Learn how your company can provide services that meet the strictest regulations set for government and commercial sectors, as well as NAID’s Certification for Electronic Media. Let us exceed your expectations for innovation, dependability and customer support.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #507.

DocuData offers ShredSoft and EDC Record Center (RC) Software. Complete, intuitive and easy to use. Our systems manage your bins, boxes, schedules, vaults, images, and a lot more. It’s designed and developed by owners like yourself. Our smartphone app has all the features and info employees need to complete their jobs. It processes payments, sends invoices and destruction certificates. It notifies you when mistakes happen for immediate correction. Track, order and manage everything with our unique, intelligent barcodes. DocuData does it all, even hosting at affordable prices.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #514.

Document Security Solutions is a certified veteran owned small business and a certified 8a company.  The founder, Parish Morris is a Marine Corps military veteran with 20 years of Records Information Management experience.  Upon retiring from the Marines, Parish used his records management and destruction experiences to become a subject matter expert. Document Security Solutions has been awarded national federal contracts for destruction services since 2007.

Learn more! Contact Document Security Solutions at [email protected]

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #411

Downstream Data Coverage is the only professional liability insurance coverage designed and promoted by NAID specifically with the subtleties of the data-related service provider in mind. Unique features include breach notification coverage to the full coverage limit, applicability to all media, including electronic and emergency response coverage. Downstream Data Coverage is now also available for records storage and other related RIM services.

Learn more!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #115.

The EZ Tipper was designed to increase efficiency while maximizing the profitability of your organization by providing a light weight, durable, mobile solution that can be used in a plant/warehouse environment or in the back of your service vehicle. Designed specifically for use in the back of your service vehicles using 64G or 95G containers with the EZ Tipper 2019A you will easily bring back 100% more paper using 90% less containers!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #316.

EZshred was an original innovator in developing software specifically for the shredding and document destruction industry. Over the years, EZshred has redefined the industry. Today our software caters to businesses of all sizes and is used for document destruction, medical waste, record storage, hard drive destruction, and recycling. EZshred helps hundreds of companies with scheduling, routing, invoicing, reporting, and customer management. Use our app on your Android or Apple smartphones in the field for proof of service, inventory management, and increased productivity. Take advantage of our state-of- the-art routing software using Google Maps to optimize your routes and thus minimize expenses. EZshred will run on your local computer system or in the Cloud, saving you time, money, and facilitating increased sales. Do not let your business run you; let EZshred help you run your business!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #317.

Stop by booth #214 to visit with Charley about designing a conveyor system to fit your vehicles. Hallco LIVE FLOORS® offer the best live floor conveyor recognized by several key industries for being reliable for both loading and unloading of bulk shredded materials. Hallco Live Floor conveyors will allow for a precision fit in virtually any trailer or truck. For all your document conveyor needs, Hallco LIVE FLOORS® conveyors are the cost-effective solution that will allow you to operate more efficiently and profitably. 

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The International Secure Information Governance & Management AssociationTM (i-SIGMA®) is the industry trade association, enforcing standards and ethical compliance for approximately 2,000 secure data destruction and records and information management service providers on six continents. Formed as a 501(c)6 non-profit in June 2018 by the merger of two long-standing industry associations, the National Association for Information Destruction® (NAID®) and PRISM International™ (Professional Records and Information Services Management®), the association currently maintains the most rigorous and widely accepted data-security vendor-compliance certifications, NAID AAA Certification® and PRISM Privacy+ Certification® with hundreds of government and thousands of private contracts using the programs to meet their regulatory due diligence requirements.

By combining the strength of those two associations, i-SIGMA members now have access to more tools and learning opportunities. A stronger association, combined credibility, and more resources also mean the association can better support members and better address regulators, policymakers, and decision makers.

Stop by the i-SIGMA booth to learn more about membership or how NAID AAA Certification and/or PRISM Privacy+ Certification can take your business to the next level.

Or learn more now! Contact Jena Robinson in Membership at [email protected] or the Certification Department at [email protected]. |

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #109.

At Insperity, it’s not just HR outsourcing, it’s HR that makes a difference.™ Our comprehensive, scalable HR solutions offer an optimal blend of service and technology to facilitate growth by streamlining processes related to payroll, benefits, talent management and HR compliance. We provide the tools to help you lighten your administrative load, maximize productivity and manage risks – so you can focus on growth. Because that’s what it means to have a true HR partner.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #508.

Come visit IRIS at booth #314 to take your service bureau to the next level with IRISPowerscan and IRISXtract.

Our solutions use IRIS award winning OCR technology and AI logic to extract data and classify documents. With millions of satisfied users around the world, IRIS helps you AUTOMATE your business processes by delivering INTELLIGENT DATA EXTRACTION and AUTOMATIC DOCUMENT SEPARATION.

Our company has over 20 years of experience in providing BPOs and service bureaus with document processing solutions focusing on the classification and indexing of unstructured data.

Make Every Key Stroke Count!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #314.

Since 1995, Jake, Connor & Crew has been the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of shred carts and consoles. Setting the industry standard with our Executive Consoles and Pedigree Series Carts, we are also there for our customers when creative solutions are required.
We are always innovating and upgrading our unique manufacturing process to ensure our customers receive the most durable and secure container options.
Visit us in booth #201 to see how we distinguish ourselves from the competition and to learn more about our exclusive product lines.

Every cart and console comes with the reliability and security of over 26 years of experience…. reliable. secure.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #201.

The KEITH® Self Unloading System – KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® systems are an integral component within the document destruction industry, both mobile and facility based. Installed in a shred truck, a WALKING FLOOR® system provides a reliable, safe and secure method of transporting and unloading whole or shredded paper. With a load capacity of up to 16 ton, the system stores documents and automatically unloads them once the truck reaches a secure location. Unloading time is under five minutes and no tipping is needed.

Learn more!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #510.

Innovation as a principle. Quality as a promise. This basic idea has informed the actions of Lindner ever since the company was formed in 1948. As a specialist in shredding technology we produce trendsetting solutions for waste processing – while constantly setting standards with our technological innovations.

Our product portfolio ranges from stationary and mobile shredding machines for waste management through to complete systems for plastics recycling as well as for SRF/RDF production. We also design and execute large projects on request.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #516.

Lock America specializes in camlocks, padlocks, plug locks and other high security locks for home or business. The Definitive Word in Locks.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #315.

NetGain is a digital marketing agency specializing in generating new business leads for shredding companies. Set yourself apart from competitors with modern, mobile-friendly website design. Attract new customers with powerful optimization strategies that provide first-page Google search results. Engage your target audience with NetGain’s social media outreach and compelling copywriting service. Target new service areas with our laser-focused, pay-per-click programs. Let’s discuss how we can boost your online marketing.

Start today!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #403.

Newport CH International is a scrap trading company established in 2003. We focus on the purchase and direct domestic and export sale of recyclable paper and plastics. Our expertise is sourcing recyclable paper and plastics throughout North America. We are direct shippers for the recycling industry, supplying numerous mills in America as well as Asian and Latin American countries. We provide quality raw material for their state-of-the-art mills and manufacturing facilities.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #417.

O’Neil Software has been the first choice for record centers worldwide since 1981. Our technology is in nearly 100 countries ranging from start-ups to multinationals and everything in between. O’Neil Software products are designed to help record centers manage and track any kind of data and is used around the world for secure destruction management with scheduling, routing, barcode scanning and invoicing. With both cloud and on-premises software options available, our products are built with your unique business needs in mind and backed with 365/24/7 global support from one of our four offices located in California, Florida, the U.K. and Australia.

Learn more about our new products and how we’re changing the information management industry by stopping by Booth 307 at the i-SIGMA show!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #307.

At Phiston Technologies, Inc., we believe in innovation, proactive product development, and secure destruction of data. We pride ourselves on being the leading physical data destruction company in the United States. Designing and engineering secure data destruction products to surpass any competing technologies on the market today has made us the vendor of choice of the world’s biggest users of secure data such as Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, IBM, and SpaceX, among others, and various Federal Government agencies, including DoD, State, Treasury, Veterans Affairs, DHS, HHS, Justice, and state and local governments. Phiston carries a wide array of products from portable desktop destruction destroyers to enterprise-level data center destruction machines.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #409. 

Stop by the Pyromet X-Ray Film recycling booth #209, and ask us how we can convert old x-ray files, into cash or investment silver bullion. Pyromet is vertically integrated. All of your silver is refined to 99.9% purity. We then fabricate the silver into investment bullion or various products for reuse in the aerospace, silver solder for electronics, and many more applications. We provide a quote and an estimated value of your x-ray.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #209.

REB Storage Systems International is an international distributor and integrator of material handling storage solutions. We specialize in engineering, supplying and installing records storage systems. REB offers new and used pallet rack, shelving, decking, multi-level catwalks, carts, ladders, and many other storage and material handling solutions. Our services include design and site survey, project management, permitting support, engineering, installation, and rack repair.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #207.

Shred Nations and Record Nations are the industry’s only online marketplace for shredding and records management services, connecting qualified customers with professional local shredding and RIM providers. With the power of data and personal touch, our service is designed to save you time, money and hassle by quickly and accurately providing you with new opportunities.

Come by Booth #107 and see how Shred Nations and Record Nations can work for you.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #107. |

Shred-Tech is a pioneer in the Mobile Document Destruction industry. We custom design and manufacture shredding equipment for a variety of waste and recycling applications. In-house Engineering & Design Services enable us to customize all standard shredders to meet the specific requirements of our customers’ needs. Shred-Tech has installed more than 6,000 systems worldwide and we are recognized globally for our first-class products and our commitment to innovation and quality.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #101.

For over 20 years, our team at Shredfast has provided its customers with the most secure, reliable, and best performing mobile shredding and mobile collection technology in the document destruction industry. It all starts with a commitment to our customers – we make it a priority to listen to individual needs and offer personalized service. This commitment has led to innovations in curbside loading, automated paper feeding, and high throughput shredding that have revolutionized mobile shredding and mobile collection vehicles. We now own more industry-specific patents than any other mobile shredding manufacturer. All our equipment is engineered, manufactured and tested in the USA at our manufacturing facility – the largest of its kind in the world. With Shredfast, you gain increased productivity, cutting-edge technology, smaller operating costs and a knowledgeable team devoted to our customers and industry.

At ShredSupply, shredding trucks are our area of expertise. We use this extensive knowledge to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for the mobile document destruction industry. Our team of highly skilled mechanics and technicians are dedicated to delivering high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service. This dedication has established us as the industries #1 choice for shredding truck refurbishment and used shredding truck sales. Whether you’re looking for refurbishment, quality pre-owned shredding equipment, or unmatched parts and service, we have what you need to help build, grow, and maintain your mobile shredding fleet.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #215.

ShredMetrics helps you manage your business. We have modules to more efficiently route and track your trucks, to remotely monitor drivers for unsafe behavior, and to better estimate, track, and bill your work. Put simply, we keep things from slipping through the cracks! Programs are easy to learn and help you fit more stops into a day with less overtime. And if you are thinking about selling, our expert Consultants can help standardize your books so you’re “Sale-Ready” for maximum returns. Run by experienced Industry veterans, ShredMetrics understands that Knowledge isn’t just Power… Knowledge is Profit!

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #208.

DHS Worldwide’s mission is to make our customers successful by providing exceptional technology and support. Over 1200 operations around the globe have trusted Total Recall Records / Secure Destruction Management software by DHS Worldwide. Featuring the next-generation platform, Total Recall Envision software is a comprehensive business management solution—including CRM, route planning/optimization, barcoding/inventory tracking for client records and shred bins, billing/invoicing, and AR/collections. Client online web access provides RIM business clients a self-service portal for records governance and secure destruction services. For over 27 years, DHS Worldwide has empowered organizations to succeed by providing innovative solutions and industry expertise.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #301.

Toter® introduced its first product in the 1960s: an automated cart system for curbside garbage collection. Since then, Toter has been recognized as the manufacturer of the top-selling brand of two-wheeled carts for curbside automated waste, recycling and organics collection by cities, private waste haulers and recyclers.

Toter manufactures a wide range of products — caster carts, organics carts, stationary containers, front-load containers, tilt trucks, cart lifters and more — for diverse markets. Our products are known worldwide for their durability. In fact, we earn our reputation as the world’s toughest cart every single day.

In 2007, Toter became a valuable member of the Wastequip family, the leading North American manufacturer of waste handling and recycling equipment.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #310.

Since 1991 Trans Lease has provided needed financing to the transportation industry. For a decade, Trans Lease has worked with mobile document and hard drive destruction companies offering a convenient and competitive source of truck financing. Serving the U.S. and Canada, we offer a variety of lease and finance options designed to meet your companies specific needs. A simple application process makes it easy to acquire either a new or used truck.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #216.

Vecoplan manufactures plant based shredders, shred trucks, and truck unloading containment systems. We offer installation, training, parts and service for all of our equipment. We build Non-CDL and CDL trucks equipped with pierce & tear, or single-shaft rotary shredders. Our single shaft shredders deliver crosscut consistency in one pass and allow you to modify particle size to the highest security levels through inexpensive, quickly and easily changed screens. They shred virtually anything that requires secure destruction, including hard-drives & other e-scrap, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, tapes, film, X-rays, anything made of plastic, as well as textiles, and counterfeit products.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #407.

Founded in 2007, Vero is a CU Direct company that provides leading identity theft recovery solutions that help organizations increase revenue, strengthen their value propositions and improve customer loyalty.  Vero’s identity theft protection programs give organizations full data breach protection to comply with state and federal regulations while safeguarding their employees and clients with fully managed recovery services.  To learn more, or to start protecting your organization with Vero, complete the form below and an expert identity theft protection specialist will contact your shortly.

Find them at #isigmaconf22 at Booth #608.