Keynote: Jesse Cole

20 November 2019

Two words: Fans First.

Packed with behind-the-peel stories, hard-earned lessons, and a few other surprises, Jesse Cole, the founder of Fans First Entertainment and owner of the Savannah Bananas, teaches you how to stand out in your marketplace, drive explosive growth, and inspire fanatical loyalty. He presents his exact formula that made the Savannah Bananas wildly popular. They have over one billion social media views and over half a million fans on a waiting list for tickets because their season sells out before the first game is played.

If this all sounds bananas, that’s the point. If you’re ready to change the game, break the rules, and create your own unforgettable team, then it’s time to go Fans First.

Sponsored by: Stericycle, Inc.

Located In: Gold