Softthinks Technologies

23 February 2024

For more than 20 years, SoftThinks has helped ITADs refurbish servers, laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, loose hard drives, and mobile devices faster, cheaper, and more accurately. This lowers their costs and improves their Line Technician’s daily productivity and dramatically raises the organizations Return On Investment (ROI).

SoftThinks is Software as a Service (SAAS) which allows you to Audit, Wipe, Deep Diagnose, and re-Image devices in an automated fashion while minimizing human intervention for more accurate R2V3 compliancy. We routinely double (or more) the refurbishing output when deployed by simplifying and automating the process.

Unlike our competitors, SoftThinks is a Pay-As-You-Go model so you do not need to pre-purchase licenses and unnecessarily tie up your precious cash. No renegotiating pricing every cycle. No signing multi-year contracts or guessing which license’s to purchase: Your pricing improves automatically as your monthly volumes rise.

SoftThinks is highly customizable to mirror your workflow rather than force you change your processes. Customizations and integration into your ERP system is included with the service and Support is also included. In fact, each client is provided a Primary Application Engineer who knows the environment to help them through the installation process, transition to production, and to make minor adjustments as needed. You will be a Partner with SoftThinks not just a number!

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