NAID 2017: Call for Presentation Open

14 July 2016

The NAID Conference Committee invites all members the opportunity to suggest session content for the upcoming NAID 2017 Conference and Expo at the Tropicana Resort in Las Vegas, March 22-24.

According to NAID Conference Chair Angela Colecchi, all suggestion are welcome even if it is just an idea.

“We know that members might have a great idea for a session topic even though they do not what to give a presentation or don’t have a recommend speaker on the topic,” says Colecchi. “We are still interested in the topic idea because it is those ideas that represent the real the true challenges members are facing.”

“On the other hand,” adds Colecchi, “for those who have a topic and do want to present, this is the time to suggest it. Anyone can present as long as the session is educational and timely.”

Those with ideas or presentations suggestions can submit them using the form created for that purpose. Submissions will be accepted through August 19, 2016.

Click here for the 2017 Call for Presentations form.