Evolution of Document Destruction: A Historical Perspective from Industry Veterans

28 February 2024

Exploring the dynamic transformations in the document destruction field over the past two decades, as witnessed by seasoned professionals in the shredding industry. A comprehensive examination of advancements in trucks, containers, emerging trends, networking and innovative practices that have influenced the sector, along with predictions for the near future.

Join us in this interactive forum where we aim to share invaluable insights into effective strategies and necessary adaptations. We wholeheartedly encourage your participation as we attempt to address as many questions as possible and share our knowledge.

Moderated By: Cory Layes, Bins4 Shredding

Panel Discussion With:

Lex Katich, Shred-Tech

Ray Weijland, Paper Recycling & Shredding Specialists

Jeff Hasham, PROSHRED

Located In: Governor’s Ballroom D