Top 3 Sales Challenges to Beat in 2024!

14 February 2023

This presentation is based on real-life challenges that sales professionals and owners face specific to our industry. We surveyed over 50 Industry Professionals from the 2023 Shred School Class in New Orleans. Each attendee was asked a survey: What are your top 3 sales challenges in today’s business climate?

In this session, the Shred Idol Boyz will unveil the consensus top 3 challenges. The Shred Boyz will give takeaways on how to overcome these challenges in what is to be a fun , Interactive and educational experience for all who attend (As Always!)

Presented by:

Ray Barry, Shred America

Joseph P. Harford, Ph.D., CSDS, Reclamere, Inc.

Colin Scott, CSDS, Reclamere, Inc.

Located In: Governors Ballroom D