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2019 Event: Prospering in the New Data Protection Environment in Canada

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2019 Canada Event!

In this one-day seminar, records shredders, electronics recyclers, and IT asset disposal and information management professionals in Canada learned how new data protection requirements affecting their current and prospective clients created an unparalleled opportunity to make more money.

Topics from our 2019 Canada Event Included:

  • Data Breach Notification: On November 1, 2018, mandatory breach notification became law across the entire country for the first time. The new requirement dramatically affected businesses in every province.
  • GDPR: Europe’s new data protection law had important global implications that affected many Canadian firms. Moreover, Canadian lawmakers have specifically and publicly stated that the GDPR is the model for forthcoming PIPEDA amendments.
  • Recent government recommendations for updating PIPEDA provide direct insight into the future of data protection, as do proposed amendments to a number of provincial data protection laws.

2019 Takeaways:

  • How to minimize the impact of commodity prices by maximizing data destruction service revenue
  • How to make more money by mitigating clients’ data breach notification exposure
  • The seven simple things the law requires of the service provider, and how to translate those policies into more profits
  • How to increase margins by changing the discussion from price to compliance
  • How to defend your client base in the face of these changes (and how to put a competitor’s clients in play)