Sydney to host NAID-ANZ conference in Sept.


NAID-ANZ, the committee of volunteers from NAID members serving Australia and New Zealand will hold their annual conference this year in September. The exact date has not been formally decided, although all signs are that it will be held on 22 September.

This date represents a departure from previous NAID-ANZ conference which have been held in February.

According to NAID-ANZ Executive Director, Emma Heath, the new date provides a more advantageous period of time to promote the event to a broader audience.

“January is a notoriously difficult time to promote an event,” said Heath. “By holding the event at the end of September, our promotion does not overlap with the holidays or summer leave.”

NAID-ANZ intends to expand the audience for the event by attracting data security and compliance professionals in addition to the more traditional service provider attendees.

For industry professionals outside of the region, the event provides a great opportunity to combine that once-in-a-lifetime visit to the land down-under with a business trip where they can make new friends and gain a new perspective on secure destruction in another part of the world.

More details will be published soon. Anyone outside of Australia and New Zealand wanting specific information on the event, please contact Jamie Hughes at [email protected].