8:00 - 8:50 | Registration and Arrival Tea & Coffee
sponsored by Shred-X Secure Destruction

Join your industry colleagues for Arrival Tea & Coffee sponsored by Shred-X Secure Destruction. The welcome refreshments are included in event registration.

9:00–9:50 | Keynote: The Power of Better Negotiating Skills
Presented by: Michael Klug AM. LL.B, FAICD

Though it’s been said that everything is a negotiation, few would argue that the ability to negotiate is not one of the single most critical aspects of business success. Whether it’s discussing terms with a client, landing a new account, or buying supplies from a vendor, improved negotiation skills are important in every aspect of business operations.

In this session, one of the country’s foremost authorities on effective negotiation will share how to do so properly and how business-owners’ and salespeople’s home-grown negotiating methods often undermine their intended goals.

About the speaker: Michael Klug AM is one of Australia’s pioneering lawyers in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He is also one of the original founders of LEADR (Lawyers Engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution) and an original Director of the Australasian Disputes Centre. He has served on numerous ADR committees and organisations nationwide.

Consistently voted by peers as one of Australia’s Best ADR Lawyers, Klug has advised large corporate and government clients in significant public disputes and matters.

Klug is also recognised as one of Australia’s best-known teachers in negotiation skills, conflict management, and ADR. The Golden Rules of Negotiation, which have been written, observed, and extracted by Klug, form the basis of his training program which he presents throughout Australia and overseas.

10:00–10:50 | How Contracts Will Change: The Unveiling the Association’s New Service Provider Contract
Presented by: Michael Trovato, Information Integrity Solutions Pty. Ltd.

At a minimum, service contracts protect the service provider and the customer. At best, the quality of the contract can be used as a sales tool. In this session, attendees will learn how the new i-SIGMA universal service contract does both.

Recently harmonized with both the revised Australian Privacy Act as well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this contract and additional resources accompanying it, provide i-SIGMA members with tools that will differentiate them from the competition and will give an in-depth tutorial on its use.

11:00-12:00 | The Emerging Role of Qualifications, Certifications & Policies
Presented by: Bob Johnson, i-SIGMA

In this session, i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson will discuss the critical role of certifications, training, insurance, policies, and customer reporting. Johnson will apply case histories, regulatory language, and unveil new tools that enable service providers to demonstrate their value beyond the traditional limits of secure destruction and records storage.

12:00–13:00 | Luncheon sponsored by Shred-Tech

Join your industry colleagues for a luncheon sponsored by Shred-Tech. The luncheon is included in event registration. If you would like for your spouse/significant other to attend the luncheon there is an additional fee. Please contact Sara Berntgen at [email protected] to register.

Please note alcoholic beverages are not included.

13:00-13:50 | Additional Profits: Assisting Customers with Breach Notification Preparedness
Presented by: Daniel Federgreen, Vice President, CSR Professional Services

While data breach notification is now a reality in Australia, most customers have no idea what to do if the worst happens. They hear words like incident response, investigations, risk of harm, and loss of customer trust. Some may not know what qualifies as data security breach and others, faced with some degree of confusion, would likely shrug their shoulders, taking on incredible risk without even knowing it.

In this session, a panel of compliance experts will explore value-added strategies y which service providers can educate and better protect their client, better protect themselves, and realize additional income in the process.

14:00-14:50 | NAID PSPF Endorsement One Year Later: And a Look Forward to
What’s Next

Presented by:
Renee Pryor
, Shred-X, i-SIGMA ANZ Committee Chair
Bob Johnson, i-SIGMA CEO

With the now obsolete ASIO T4 designation now officially replaced by the Protective Security Framework Policy (PSPF) Endorsement available under NAID AAA Certification , i-SIGMA leaders will give an assessment of the program so far, discuss the lessons learned (good and bad), and describe next steps in promoting both NAID AAA Certification and PRISM Privacy+ Certification in the region.

Attendees will also learn what’s next regarding the possible expansion of the PSPF Endorsement to mobile destruction and hard drive overwriting.

15:00-15:50 | How Many Customers are Left and Where are They? The Release of 2019 Australian Consumer Attitudes Study
Presented by: Michael Trigwell, Taverner Research

Why do clients pick one service provider over another? What business sectors still prefer shredding in-house? Who’s making the records management decision and how does that vary by size? What do customers look for on a service provider website? Does certification mean more than certification? How do healthcare facilities differ from financial services when considering migrating to digital records?

These are some of the many questions attendees will have answered in this session describing the results of the first 2019 Australian Customer Attitudes Study. Having polled hundreds of information management professionals, the results will provide insight into overcoming customer misconceptions, help members better position their services, and unearth opportunities to better serve the marketplace while at the same time generating more revenue.

*Please note, session speakers and times are subject to change.

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