Bucket List: See Sydney, Australia and improve your business


Visiting Australia tops the “Bucket List” for many in the United States and Canada.

According to NAID Director and NAID-ANZ Chairman Paul Hurst of Green Team Secure Shred the upcoming conference in Sydney, Australia presents a great opportunity to check that box, attend a very unique industry event, and learn more about the secure destruction markets in another part of the world.

“When I attend the conference in the U.S., the thing I have come to value most is talking with colleagues from other parts of the world,” say Hurst. “I know any secure destruction professional attending our event will walk away with some great ideas to improve their businesses.”

Hurst also believes attendees will find great value in educational sessions, which unlike the annual conference or Shred School, are aimed at consumers as well as service providers.

“All of our sessions are designed to appeal to consumers and we expect a large number to attend,” add Hurst. “As a result, service providers will learn more about how customers think and why they make the decisions they do. You can’t help but benefit from that perspective.”

Of course, everyone knows it is better to see a country when you can spend time with the people who actually live there. Whether visitors stay in Sydney or travel the country, there will be NAID members in every corner who would love to spend time sharing ideas before and after the conference.

It truly is a great opportunity to check off a favorite bucket list item in a unique manner that provides excellent opportunities both professionally and personally.

Visit the 2016 NAID-ANZ Conference website for more details.