Half Day: Content appeals to privacy professionals, compliance and security officers, and NAID-ANZ Members in Australia.

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Thursday, March 22

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Speaker: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

How Data Breach Notification Affects Vendor Selection and Contracting

Speaker: Malcolm Crompton, Lead Privacy Advisor, Information Integrity Solutions Pty Ltd and former Australian Privacy Commissioner

In this session, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of the intent of the new breach notification requirement, what implementation looks like to businesses, and the consequences of non-compliance.

Compliance Tools related to Breach Notification Laws

Speaker: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

NAID CEO Bob Johnson will present an array of specific policies, procedures, contracts and educational tools and how they can be used limit liability, comply with the regulation and verify breach notification preparedness and compliance to prospects and clients.

What Data Security and Compliance Professionals Want from Their Information Disposal Contractor

Panelists: Victor Chin, Thales Australia, Paul Curwell, CPP, Director, Deloitte Risk Advisory and Richard King, Security Program Manager, Office of the NSW Government Chief Information Security Officer (GCISO)

In light of the changing data protection regulatory climate, high profile data security and compliance officials will describe the critical evaluation criteria when selecting secure disposition services and other data-related contractors.


Enjoy lunch on-site with industry professionals across the nation.

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NAID Certification: Integrating and Capitalizing on the New Protective Security Policy Framework Endorsement

Panelists: Paul Hurst, NAID ANZ Chair; Others TBA

NAID AAA Certification with PSPF endorsements has superseded the ‘T4 approved destruction service scheme’ for the external destruction of Australian Government official information. As such, attendees will learn how the new PSPF endorsement works, and how it opens a host of marketing opportunities for NAID AAA Certified service providers.

How to Use Data Breach Notification to Increase Sales

Speaker: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO

Data Breach Notification requirements have proven to be one of the most powerful drivers of secure destruction sales. Whether its old computers or old records, with data breach notification looming large on the compliance horizon, companies become much more attentive to proper data destruction. In this session, attendees will learn how to make the most of this new dynamic in the marketplace.

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