David and Goliath: Ending up on the Right Side of the GDPR and WEEE Divide

March 5, 2018

Speaker: Under construction

For the past decade or so, the WEEE Directive has been the main driver of electronic media disposal. That is about to change and markedly. The data protection provisions of the new GDPR now modify the emphasis of electronics disposal to data protection. And, because a regulation has considerably more enforcement impact than a directive, GDPR considerations will quickly prevail. Suddenly, every electronics recycler is considered a data processor under the new law. Suddenly, every electronics recycler is required to train employees, have incident reporting, report security breaches, and amend contracts to reflect their new status. Whether a service provider only shreds hard drives or is a full-fledged IT Asset Recovery firm, they will need to be on the right side of the GDPR if they wish to continue. Those that will, shall surely thrive.