Lula Salazar

Owner & General Director

Pay Per Box

Lula Salazar has been in the records management business since 1997 as owner and General Director of Pay Per Box in Mexico. In 2000, she founded another company which managed several different projects, all related to document and information management. Services provided include content management, open file for massive services, organizing archives, inventories, policies and procedures for filing systems in companies complying with ISO 9000, organization and open file management for government Institutions according to the new law in Mexico, and imaging. Today she has five Document Information Centers in Mexico City, two in the city of Queretaro and one in the City of Toluca. Lula is a founder, along with other colleagues, of the Mexican records management association “AMEGA”, where she has participated as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President and President since 2008. As a result, she was invited to collaborate with the Prism Latinamerican Forum, where she has been active for several years. She now serves as leader for the 2014 Prism Latinamerican Forum in Cusco, Peru.