Leah Faul

Owner & Founder

15000 Cubits

Leah Faul, renowned for her expertise in AI and digital marketing, has made significant contributions to the field through her extensive speaking engagements and workshops. In 2023 alone, she delivered over 30 talks focused on AI, showcasing her deep understanding and practical experience in this rapidly evolving area. Leah’s expertise is widely recognized, leading to her being honored as a keynote speaker and commissioned to develop custom workshops and masterclasses for various communities and industries.

Leah’s professional journey is marked by notable achievements, including being a Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Winner and a 40 Under 40 Winner in Houston, TX. As the owner and founder of 15000 Cubits, a strategic SEO agency, and a founding partner in HackHer Growth, she demonstrates her leadership and business acumen. Her commitment to empowering and educating others is evident in her work, where she consistently drives innovation and growth.