Jennie Gift, CSDS, CRA

Vice President of Member Services


Jennie Gift, CRA, CSDS, boasts over two decades of experience as a dedicated professional in the Records and Information Management (RIM) industry. Her journey started at an independent RIM company in the DC Metro Area. In her most recent endeavor, Jennie has assumed the role of Vice President of Member Services at i-SIGMA, bringing her wealth of industry knowledge to the forefront. Her commitment to the sector is further underscored by her significant contributions to the i-SIGMA Board of Directors, where she served as the Corporate Partner Director. In addition, Jennie took the lead in chairing the 2023 Conference Committee and played a pivotal role in the Corporate Partner Engagement Committee and the CSDS Board of Regents. In her current role, Jennie is enthusiastic about embarking on new challenges and is committed to leveraging her experience to assist i-SIGMA members in expanding their businesses. Her vision extends beyond personal success, as she is driven to play a key role in advancing the entire RIM industry. With a dynamic and forward-thinking approach, Jennie Gift is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of Records and Information Management.