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Wednesday, 16 May

How the GDPR is Impacting Data Protection and Compliance Decision Makers

Speaker: Under Construction

One of the region’s most high-profile compliance officials will explain how data protection and privacy professionals throughout Europe are reacting to the new regulation. Attendees will learn how the GDPR is affecting vendor selection, the degree to which customers are prepared for the new requirements, and how service providers can best respond to the opportunity the GDPR represents.

What Happens to Data-related Service Providers in a High Data Protection Compliance Environment

Speaker: Angie Singer Keating, NAID Incoming President & Reclamere CEO

There is no shortage of talk on how the increasing regulatory pressure resulting from the GDPR is going usher in a new era of challenges and opportunities. And, like anything, some of this is hype; some of it is the truth. In order to separate fact from fiction, Angie Singer Keating, whose electronic media destruction firm has successfully navigated the intense increase in data protection regulations in the U.S. and emerged on the other side as a regional compliance-based service provider, will explain what European data protection vendors can expect from the GDPR… and how to make the most of it.

Industry Certifications and How They Align with GDPR Requirements

Speakers: Bob Johnson, NAID CEO and Amadeo Roig Casanova, Destrupack S.L. CEO & Founder

At last count, there were at least six data protection certifications available to data destruction and RIM services in Europe, which they can use to demonstrate compliance to their customers. In this session, each of those certifications will be compared to one another and against the requirements of the GDPR in order to demonstrate how effectively they verify compliance. This session will also explore the provisions of the GDPR that allow for European Data Protection Authority recognition.


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A Deep Dive: How to Discuss Contracts, Incident Reporting, Breach Notification and Indemnification with Customers and Prospects

Speaker: Under construction

In order to capitalize on opportunities created by the GDPR taking effect, to protect your firm from regulatory exposure, and to demonstrate the expertise that ultimately leads to client confidence, data protection professionals need to first understand and be able to speak intelligently about some important concepts. Attendees will leave this session understanding how contracts, breach notification, incident report, policies and procedures, and insurance factor into the new regulation, and how to put that knowledge to use growing their businesses.

David and Goliath: Ending up on the Right Side of the GDPR and WEEE Divide

Speaker: Under construction

For the past decade or so, the WEEE Directive has been the main driver of electronic media disposal. That is about to change and markedly. The data protection provisions of the new GDPR now modify the emphasis of electronics disposal to data protection. And, because a regulation has considerably more enforcement impact than a directive, GDPR considerations will quickly prevail. Suddenly, every electronics recycler is considered a data processor under the new law. Suddenly, every electronics recycler is required to train employees, have incident reporting, report security breaches, and amend contracts to reflect their new status. Whether a service provider only shreds hard drives or is a full-fledged IT Asset Recovery firm, they will need to be on the right side of the GDPR if they wish to continue. Those that will, shall surely thrive.

Translating GDPR into More Profitable Opportunities

Speaker: Under  Construction

At the end of the day, investing in GRPR upgrades and education is about making more money. Firms that embrace the required changes will find themselves with a distinct advantage. Those who lag in responding will play catch-up. And those who refuse to change will fade away. In this session, a panel of industry thought leaders will discuss how to respond proactively to the opportunities and requirements of the GDPR, and how to effectively communicate that strategy to clients and prospects.

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