Giorgio Spadoni

Giorgio Spadoni is the President and CEO of his family company OMTRA S.r.l. Benefit Company in Milan, founded in 1956. He attended the IULM University in Milan. He has more than 40 years of information industry experience as a Managing Director of the First Business Records Center in Italy. Giorgio has been member of the US Association of Commercial Records Centers (ACRC) and he has been an active member of PRISM International, NAID, now i-SIGMA, and ARMA International since 1993. His goal is always to link Security with Information because he spent 18 months in the Italian Navy and in particular inside the Security Office of the Port of Genoa. He believes in Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Circular Economy. Now he provides operational and process advice, especially in Information Governance, Secure Shredding, Recycling, Micro Logistics and Security Systems. Giorgio is an expert in quality ISO 15489, specializing in all kinds of corporations, law firms, EU, UK and Governmental Agencies. OMTRA, O’ Neil’s Software Partner, has been working with multinational companies. Its areas of practice include Secure Shredding Services, Records and Information Management, Document Scanning, Tape Vaulting, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Workplace Recovery, Information & GDPR, Social & Environmental Governance for the EU Sustainability Report.