Surviving a Disaster

20 November 2019

When the presenter’s records storage company caught fire, they were fortunate to hear from those who had also previously had a fire, listening to the problems they had, making corrections, and having a Disaster Recovery Plan of their own in place the night of our fire. Even with that plan, they had tremendous challenges and difficulty in navigating the event for a period of seven year. After, they started a committee under the association, made up entirely of those who had experienced a disaster, to assist those who were in the middle of one, from a roof failure due to a tornado to a shelving collapse, among many others. It’s with this background that you’ll discover practical tips on how to survive a disaster before it strikes.

Presented by: Steve Richards, Richards and Richards

Introductory: Mike Schwinn, American Baler

Applies to RIM, ITAD, and Secure Destruction service providers

Located In: Mediterranean 7