Evolution of the Shred Bin*

23 December 2021

We will review the advancements in the design and manufacturing of containers over the past two decades and how these changes can impact you daily as well as long-term. These changes affect health and safety, your budget, and efficiency. Some of these innovations have a huge impact on the environment and you can use that to help market your services and stand out from the crowd. Finally, let’s discuss what is planned for the future…

This session will be a combination of educational and promotional since we have developed some of these innovations. Overall, this session speaks to the knowledge of all container providers in the industry and how we listen to the members in order to help them grow and become more successful.

We encourage feedback and want to know how needs are changing/evolving.

Presented by: Cory Layes

Brought to you by: Bins4 Shredding Inc.

*Please note this session may contain educational and explicitly promotional content.

Located in: Bronze 4