Do I Really Need Shredding Software?*

23 December 2021

It’s hard to hammer a nail with a screwdriver. You can do it… but it’s easier when you have the right tools for the job. Software is the same way… there is a time and a place for Excel and there is a time to use different tools. In this informative and practical presentation, Steve will discuss the best uses of Excel, QuickBooks, a shared calendar, specialized software, and even acknowledge those things you can still do best in your own head. We will focus on the cost/benefit decisions about using shredding software and how to decide when (or if) that choice is right for your company. Given the state of the world today he will also discuss data security and how to properly secure and back up your company’s important customer, routing, and billing data, whether it’s sitting in Excel or in a sophisticated cloud-based system. Moving to a Shredding Software system is a huge move that takes a lot of work… is it worth it for your company at this stage of your growth?

Presented by: Steve Innerfield, CSDS

Brought to you by: ShredMetrics LLC

*Please note this session may contain educational and explicitly promotional content.

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