Exhibitor Mini-Session: How’re You Doing? Using Q-Shred Analytics to Benchmark Your Performance

23 December 2021

It can be pretty lonely running a Shredding Company. Sure you know your numbers…but are the good or bad? How do you compare to how other Shredders are doing? Are your prices better, worse, or about the same as others? Do your Drivers get as much done in a day as Drivers from other companies? the list of questions goes on and on, and up until now it’s been really hard to get any definitive answers. Tobi and Steve will show how users of Q-Shred can compare key metrics to anonymized data from other shredding companies using Q-Shred in order to benchmark results and finally get some answers.

Presented by: 

  • Steve and Tobi Innerfield, CSDS

Brought to you by: ShredMetrics LLC