Building a Business That Attracts & Retains Employees

6 December 2021

If 2021 was the year of the great resignation, then 2022 and beyond will require you to build a business environment that attracts and retains employees. People don’t just quit and leave, they move to companies that they assume will add significant value to their lives and then stay at those companies because they actually deliver. As a business owner, too often salary and bonuses are seen as the critical factor in delivering value. But that’s short-term thinking. There are many more high leverage things to consider.

Discover actionable ways to build business systems, a management style, and team culture that allows you to magnetize the right prospective employees and once hired, glues them to your organization based on the value they receive.

Presented By: Tom Adams, Webvitality | Flourish Press Inc.

Introductory: Aaron Ryssemus, O’Neil Software

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