Habits of a Successful Shredding Business and Practical Tips on Implementing EOS *

16 December 2021

Join DHS Worldwide as we explore habits of a successful shredding business. Using real world business examples, see firsthand how best in class processes and technology improves each of the major functions of your business. Session includes latest trends and newest innovations for the following topics:

  • Winning More Business
  • Improving Client Satisfaction and Retention
  • Increasing Route Profitability
  • Accelerating Cash Flow
  • Gaining Real Traction with Actionable Metrics
  • Implementing EOS for Your Business (Tips and Lessons Learned)

Presented by: Chuck Sowers, CRM, CSDS

Brought to you by: DHS Worldwide, providers of Total Recall Software

*Please note this session may contain educational and explicitly promotional content.

Located In: Bronze 4