Customer Misconception: It’s Okay to Store Records Indefinitely – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 10)

By Bob Johnson At its worst, the conversation unfolds something like this: Service Provider: “I would like to discuss your records destruction needs.” Data Controller: “That’s not necessary. We keep everything forever.” And even though the data controller may not say it so blatantly, it is common knowledge that many, if not most, companies don’t destroy retained […]

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Customer Misconception: Particle Size is the Only Thing that Matters Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 9)

By Bob Johnson In Chapter 6: Secure Destruction Methodologies, the section Process/Particle Size Standards, Guidance and Requirements most directly confronts this misconception starts on page 132: In navigating their responsibilities, requirements and options for information destruction, data controllers are understandably interested to know if the materials they wish to destroy are subject to a required […]

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Customer Misconception: No Need for Written Information Destruction Procedures – Selling Information Disposition by the Book (vol. 8)

By Bob Johnson There is a good reason Chapter 7: Information Disposition Policies and Procedures is dedicate strictly to advising data controllers on how to create their internal operating manual for destroying obsolete media and information. That reason: it’s required by law that they have them. That point is first emphasized on page 14 of […]

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