You’re not their friend, you’re their adviser

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO As I write this, I’m at the Los Angeles Shred School workshop. At the front of the room Ray Barry is teaching 35 industry professionals how and when to best submit a proposal for maximum results. It is hard to describe how captivated the audience is. Ray is giving them information they […]

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Do you brag or provide proof?

By Ray Barry, NAID Deputy Executive Director We are taught at a young age to not brag about ourselves. I tell my son this all of the time. Any time we brag about ourselves and our companies, our prospects are unimpressed. But why do 80 percent of sales professionals start each proposal they give to […]

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Creating a barrier to entry into your market

By Bob Johnson, NAID CEO In my most recent SDB magazine column, I ruminate on the low barrier to entry in the secure destruction industry. I encourage you to read it if you haven’t. First, as I stated in the aforementioned SDB column, established service providers should see barriers to entry as a good thing. Low […]

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